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How to play other games on there? How can you get those NES titles on there??

NES games ->
0. Have to have some .nes files on PC. Can get from websites or we can include a CD...
1. Connect USB cable to PC
2. Under My Computer find new removable disc (most likely will be E:)
3. Click on the disc icon -> opens a window.
4. Directly drag-and-drop file like Mario3.nes or Castlevania.nes in the opened window.
5. Disconnect the USB cable - turn ON the Console - in the menu select Mario3.nes - click [A] button and game will start...

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PMP Game MP4 Player supported files:
gba roms - NO, snes roms - on new models Super Nintendo SNES rom files are supported
roms, n64 roms maybe someday, playstation roms - no, nes roms - yes 100% supported. Compatible. Mame roms are too big and compex, Ggamecube roms too advanced for current PMPs, psx roms are isos and so they are 640MB or even 700MB big. Ppokemon roms only for GameBoy and NES. Ffree gba roms nintendo 64 and nintendo ds roms games maybe some day.


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